• For the Summer...

    For the Summer...

  • So country.

    So country.

Thank You! 

I sometimes wonder how I chose the path of music, but aged 7 started to play the dusty violin my grandfather found in the attic and soon moved onto guitar and song writing. Then I fell in love with Jazz and discovered the magic of Doris Day, she’s a big inspiration and will be forever. Thank you for checking me out, all of my gigs can be found above. 

Hope to to see you soon. 

Ali x

  • On This Day showcases Hart’s versatile vocal abilities and shows that she is capable of delivering high quality vocals in a range of different styles.

    Joe Tozer
    Music Critic
    Spiral Earth Folk Music
  •  Expect her beautifully-crafted songs and smooth, passionate vocals to lodge deep in your head and your heart.

  • Alex Hart is the kind of artist who might just make you re-appraise the view that A&R reps are an extinct breed in this post youtube age.

    She’s a breathe of fresh air who radiates presence with thoughtful songs, effortless phrasing and a percussive guitar style with subtle chord changes and bolstered by a stomp box for good measure.


    Peter Fenestra
    Music Writer